“What do I do? Help high school students and their families navigate the college search process."

  • College research and visits

  • A liaison between you and your college choices

  • Application, scholarship, and financial aid guidance

  • Portfolio building

  • Essay prep/review 
  • Major choice and career counseling

  • Preparation for transitional issues and first year success

Kate provides families the guidance and support needed to make such an important and financially significant commitment for their student that will impact the rest of their lives. It's good to set off on the right path.


Going it alone can be overwhelming, time consuming, confusing and stressful.  Kate guides families through the process and asks important questions that will help the “best fit college” rise to the top.  

“This process isn’t always about going where everyone else is going or the “elite” brand name colleges.  It’s about finding the place where you will thrive for the next 4-5 years; where you can discover the adult you were meant to become with all the challenges and support you need to get there. Sometimes, the best fit college is one you’ve never heard of or perhaps it’s in your back yard.  Let me help you find it.”  

Kate works with high school freshmen through seniors and welcomes current college students looking to transfer or those who have taken time off from college. Kate works with students in the Twin Cities area as well as long distance students via virtual counseling (thank you FaceTime & Skype!). It’s never too early or late to benefit from Best Fit College Consulting!  


Kate offers hourly rates and package deals based on the individual.  Please inquire to learn more.

kate.neiss@gmail.com or 312-909-7974